Meet Cairith


Meet Cairith


Cairith Turner, Photographer

I am located in beautiful Hope, BC.  I am surrounded by many lakes, rivers and the majestic mountains.  

Here is a little about me;   

  • I am a thinker, often an over thinker

  • I love wine (red or white), cheese and I can't forget Slurpees (topped with a giant sour key of course)

  • I would choose 5 cent candies over chocolate any day

  • I enjoy being with friends and even my family

  • I am social, I love making people laugh

  • I love singing, being on stage and having a spotlight (when appropriate) on me

  • I am learning to play the piano (and loving it), I love pretty much ALL music

  • I am always looking forward to meeting new Bluhr clients

  • I can be stubborn at times (my husband would agree most times)

  • I love cats, and our cat Zoey is the most lovable, cuddly cat I have ever owned, in all my life

This all started with falling in love, then a wedding of my own! The planning, the execution, I still love doing it all. Maybe we can meet up for coffee and chat about you and your day!